CRM Software

The CRM Software is one of the most useful tools for any type of business across the world. The Inji Software is designed as a very simple yet robust CRM features which helps businesses convert their leads into bookings and increase their conversions drastically. It also focus on enhancing the customer relationship through the Best Business Software while managing customer interaction, tracking leads, and streamlining processes of business.

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CRM Software Features

Customized Leads

You need to focus on your potential lead to concentrate on profit making. The customization of lead forms as per requirement gives you unlimited access to number of fields and type of inputs. This feature of the Business Management Software is best suited for any type of industry.

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Manage your Leads

You can now manage all your leads in a single place with a simple oriented dashboard. Also, the Best Business Software let you maintain all customer requirements, fix appointments, add call records, send quotations, etc. in a systemic manner.

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Automated Sales

The sales are automated in this platform with the help of Business Management application which aids the sales agent follow up on timely manner. It also helps to increase the lead conversions at a decent rate.

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Lead directly from Website

The Best Business Software can help customize the lead widget with just a couple of clicks. You can also get benefited from the form in all of your website or Google Ads or Facebook Ads landing page.

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Workflow Management

The workflow management is the process to organize and maintain the leads in a systematic manner. Business Management System can customize your work flow system which simplifies the sales automation and help to escalate your business.

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Lead from Ad landing Page

Best Business Software offers to create a lead widget and organize it on vivid websites and different ad landing pages which is capable of creating leads automatically. So, you can manage all the very time as you no longer need to create leads manually.

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Visually Appealing Graphical Reports

You can get the best of the graphical reports of 10+ different types. Business Management System helps the customers get an insight of your business and track the progress of the prospective leads.

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Performance Monitoring

The vigilance and tracking each employee’s leads stage by stage can help a remarkable lead conversions. The Business Management application helps to attain the leads that can be evaluated and analysed as per the performance based on each possible aspect.

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Lead Import and Bulk Lead Assign

The Best Business Software helps to import your leads from excel sheet to CRM software within a moment which in turn aids to grow the business. You can get rid of the manual lead creation and may rely on the software completely. The leads can be assigned from one employee of yours to another employee in a moment irrespective of the available leads.

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Best CRM Software

The CRM Software is an essential Business Management Software that is designed to manage a company’s interactions and relationships with the on board and potential leads. The CRM (customer relationship management) Software assists with the improved customer relationship through tracking leads, and streamlining processes. The overall goal is to boost the sales by escalating business relationships.

Maintaining a solid customer relationships is extremely difficult but with the Best Business Software, hundreds and thousands of customer conversation can be traced and analysed for the status and action. As it is impossible to memorize every detail of this amount of conversations. CRM can help you to fix the following activities:


Best CRM Tool Sales:

The Business Management System helps to generate and assign leads with tracking down the whereabouts of every customer in the sales cycle. You can also view customer history and keep tabs on accounts and renewal plans.


Best CRM System Service:

The Best CRM Software helps to keep records of sales and services and resolve all types of customer service incidents. The customer service feature in CRM is tailored to act as a central hub containing the accurate and updated information about all the customers and their important information.



Top CRM Software Marketing:

Marketing is a very wide and tricky job which consists of managing marketing campaigns, sending targeted emails and qualifying leads. Business Management Software can also assist with marketing automation.


Best CRM Tool Analytics:

You can view trends with Business Management application and also can drill into the details of the pipeline and build customized reports for a detailed analysis.


Key Features of Top CRM Software

Best CRM Tool to Manage Lead 

Customer Relationship Management software gives you a complete visibility into your sales pipeline. The Business Management System lets you efficiently move leads through your pipeline, guiding reps through predefined steps to the final sale which in turn boosts the profit of your business. This CRM support Software helps closing multiple deals at various stages within your pipeline and even manage a long or complex sales cycle along with all the tracking challenges.

The Lead and opportunity management also gives your business a better understanding of how the sales cycle works, so you can uncover the best. The Best Business Software helps you focus on resources where they matter the most.


Best CRM System to manage Customer Service

CRM is a device to help you obtain new customers without having to worry about the retaining of the old ones. The Best CRM solutions offer customer service tools for assigning and escalating positive cases, tracking incidents and managing customer contracts and agreements without any hassle. It acts as a single centralized database which is maintained and organized to help quick and easy resolution of the information.



Automated Top CRM Software

Business Management application is a huge time-saver for the business processes. The workflow automation helps to cut down all the tedious and time consuming tasks like generating follow-up reminders after meetings, converting emails into activities, scheduling alerts before a task is due, converting website visitors to leads and delivering targeted marketing messages based on a customer’s purchase patterns.

The workflow automation feature can be customized as simple or complex as you need according to the business category you hold. And thus, the Best Business Software is specifically designed to save time and eliminate the wasteful work. This in turn surely boosts up your profit by improving the productivity and taking care of the customer base.


Best CRM Tool Marketing Management

This feature by Business Management System enables you to execute multi-phased marketing campaigns which can be held as target based on customer demographics, online behaviors, purchase patterns, customer support incidents, etc. This Software lets you design campaigns to attract new customers, nurture leads, target a specific audience, cross-sell products, etc. Some CRMs may also assist you with email marketing functionality which is perhaps fully integrated with your contact database, so you can keep in touch with the highly targeted emails.

The Best Business Software also let you analyse the effectiveness of each campaign and make a data-driven decision to increase profit margin of the company.

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