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Don’t worry about the attractive quotations. The Best Business Software helps you create your own Professional Quotations for your customers. And with the most advanced Quotation Software, we believe that your chances of closing a successful deal just multiplied many times. The more attractive your quotation looks the greater your customer base becomes.

Manage and Automate your Quotations with the help of the All in One Best Business Software.

Quotation Software Features

Professional Quotation

You can create hundreds high quality quotations for your customers with the Business Management application. The customized quotations can be converted in a quick time to give it a professional look.

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Convert Quotation to Invoice

The Best Business Software can convert quotations into invoice within a moment. The software helps to avoid duplicity of work and help prepare and convert the quotations into invoices automatically.

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Customize the Quotation

The logo and color theme is an important prospect of the quotation. The Business Management Software helps you create and organize the format as per your choice.

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Download Quotation as PDF

The PDF is a non-editable format which makes your quotation rather easy to share. Business Management System helps you download quotations in PDF format and send it to your customers.

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Work Management

The Quotation Software is designed to customize, send, change request and manage the reminders of quotation. The Business Management application make sure that all these works are managed efficiently and effectively as per the company requirements.

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Quick Approve/Reject of Quotation

The Best Business Software knows the value of your time and saves quite a lot of it for you and your client. The client can now approve or reject or request any change in quotation with just a single click with our quotation reminder option.

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Multi Currency Support

The best Business Management Software is very simple and powerful quotation software which is designed to create quotation with multi currency support. It offers more than 180 different currency for your quotations.

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Customer Change Request

The Business Management System allows your customer to request changes in quotation and get results through automated quotation history. Also, the updates of incomplete ones would be notified immediately.

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Automated Quotation Reminder

The automatic quotation reminder helps you to keep track of your customers as well as will remind your customer to Accept or Reject or Request any change in quotation. The best Business Software helps not to forget the deals through timely reminders

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Top 6 Benefits of the Quoting Software

What we lack with the CRM Software, is the ability to complete the sales process, send out branded sales offers and report on buyer interactions with the specified offers. Fortunately, Inji software enables sales teams to configure complex pricing and respond to buyer, requests for quotes in real time – the two factors that greatly influence the customer experience and the likelihood of sales. You can see how the software has evolved from standard to spectacular.


The benefits of quotation visibility are enhanced by the use of a simple and easy-to-use user interface (UI) and an intuitive user interface. Here are top 6 benefits of the Quotation management software:


Quote System For All

Automating the sales quotes and quotation generation of the best business software gives sales staff more time to talk to potential customers. The quotation management system combines an intuitive user experience with a robust, integrated platform that meets the needs of companies of all sizes. Whether you use quotation software for small or large businesses, you can create quotes, streamline your sales cycle and increase your completion rate for all your account uses.


Multi purpose Quotation Software

The quotations generated by CRM (Quotation Management Software) would serve as input for the deal. Business Management System improve the user experience for creating and creating quotations, sending e-mails, maintaining billing and shipping information and providing enhanced QMS reporting capabilities. Grouping functions for better organization and readability and adding inline comments, headlines and summaries for better details.


Best Price Quotation Software

The quotation process is streamlined: sales professionals often spend a lot of time preparing proposals and obtaining permits. Quotation Software is software for configuration – price – offer (CPQ), which places a strong focus on the quality of quotations and the ability to configure prices and quotations in the software. Business Management Software generates offers and suggestions in multiple file formats and can be shared across multiple channels. The Business Management application automates the creation of quotations or proposals by generating them faster and more accurately.


Quote System to Improve the Productivity

The Best Business Software allows the conversion of offers into invoices and users can handle contracts with e-signatures and digital agreements.  The sales team benefits from CPQ, which requires minimal training to get sales staff up to speed and help them complete business easily. Productivity – the improvement of the Quotation quality and service will trigger the functions that streamline the sales process and are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the organization. Easy to use and with a wide range of features such as e-signatures, invoices and digital signatures, CP Q & A will increase the adoption of the software and reduce the time it takes to recruit new staff.


Convenient Quotation Software

For convenience, integrating quotation software with the CRM and accounting tools we currently would ensure that the software we select supports our regulatory requirements and allows us to define our pricing, pricing rules and other requirements accordingly. Instead of having to switch between different applications to get the job done, Business Management Software do it all in a single interface and switch back and forth between them.


Quote System Professional Touch


Cloud-based quotation tools allow you to manage your quotation work effortlessly from anywhere. The on-premise quotation tool offers the same benefits as cloud-based quotation software, but with a much better user experience. Quotation software helps you to design and prepare quotations professionally. There are more professional business offerings to develop, and that is one of the reasons why quotation software requires a lot of time, effort and effort from you, too.


There are many advantages that choosing the right quotation software can offer you that suits your business needs. Inji Software understands that the Business offers are not just about the price and time needed to get the job done and deliver a range of goods to the customer.

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